Saturday, 28 November 2015

Monsterhearts, Session 2

The Setting: Drawing, a large forested country town in New South Wales around an hour from the coast, at Saint Valentine’s Academy, a Catholic high-school.
Our Cast (this session):
  • Brittany – an icy Queen with captivating eyes who leads a cultic clique who perform rituals they don’t understand at an old ritual site near the coast. (She pronouns) [Played by Kat]
  • Kafka – a striking Ghoul with hollow eyes who was killed in a car-accident a month ago, bare days into the school year, but woke up afterwards confused and hungry. (He pronouns) [Played by Kaj]
  • Sabrina – a brooding Witch with calculating eyes whose sanctuary from the stupidity of her classmates (an old and abandoned bathroom) is full of occult paraphernalia. (She pronouns) [Played by Jacqui]
  • Mika – a distant Infernal with calculating eyes chosen to receive power and influence by an unknown patron who asks only the smallest things in return. (They pronouns) [Played by Liv]
What Happened:
The school bell rung. Kafka invited Lauren back to his house to hang out and talk about Frankenstein some more, but she turned him down because she had to be home by 4pm. Brittany refused an invitation to a sleepover from Tiffany, her second-in-command, and headed off home to her single father’s houseboat on a public bus after taking a roundabout route to ensure no-one would discover her poverty.
Mika headed out into the parking lot and had a conversation with Gail, a stoner often willing to sell weird natural hallucinogens he found in the woods and Lauren’s brother, and made a purchase. An interested Lauren considered going back to Mika’s place to safely do some experimenting with substances, but eventually decided it was too risky.
Sabrina pulled up beside Kafka and offered him a ride that quickly turned charged and uncomfortable as she confronted him about witnessing his crumpled body on the side of the road during the time between his death and resurrection. Brittany ran into Old Ernest on the beach and the elderly forager showed her and helped her capture a huge and strangely-iridescent crab that looked just like the rock-paintings at the ritual site her cult-clique discovered.
Mika arrived home to discover a massive build-up of bills and was offered assistance by the Dark Power in exchange for causing some heartbreak and suffering for it to feed on. A little later a knock on the door announced the arrival of Lauren, who had decided that she did want to try some psychedelics after all and ended up cuddled up to them and lazily making out due to a sudden craving for physical affection.
While looking Frankenstein up on Sparknotes so he could impress Lauren with his knowledge the next day, Kafka drifted into somewhat of a trance and snapped out of it with a premonition of what was going on at Mika’s house. Jealous of both his new sort-of-girlfriend and his ex-best-friend he raced over and, after a few failed attempts to hurl rocks at the house and break up what was going on, knocked on the door and interrupted proceedings. 
After a long and dangerously-charged moment in the doorway as Kafka’s hunger for flesh asserted itself, the interlocking strands of tension between Kafka, Lauren, and Mika resolved themselves into an unexpected sexual encounter.
On her father’s boat, Brittany stormed off into her ramshackle ‘cabin’ in the prow to escape yet another rant about grades and expectations, staring at the water and drifting off into a dream about a sinuous and abyssal blackness stirring in the deep.

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