Saturday, 28 November 2015

Monsterhearts, Session 1

The Setting: Drawing, a large forested country town in New South Wales around an hour from the coast, at Saint Valentine’s Academy, a Catholic high-school. 

Our Cast (this session):
  • Brittany – an icy Queen with captivating eyes who leads a cultic clique who perform rituals they don’t understand at an old ritual site near the coast. (She pronouns) [Played by Kat]
  • Kafka – a striking Ghoul with hollow eyes who was killed in a car-accident a month ago, bare days into the school year, but woke up afterwards confused and hungry. (He pronouns) [Played by Kaj]
  • Sabrina – a brooding Witch with calculating eyes whose sanctuary from the stupidity of her classmates (an old and abandoned bathroom) is full of occult paraphernalia. (She pronouns) [Played by Jacqui]
What Happened:
Homeroom. Sabrina clashed with a member of the Brittany’s clique named Jock who wouldn’t stop leering at her, while Brittany lost face when her command to him to stop was ignored. Kafka got in an argument with a goth called Adam over the deafeningly-loud volume of his headphones and realized that there was something off about his scent.
Kafka was approached by an indie girl called Lauren during English to help explain their assigned novel (Frankenstein) and the two of them struck up a rapport. Using her position as teacher’s pet Sabrina got out of her English class and snuck off to her abandoned bathroom, using a sweat-drenched towel she’d stolen days ago to cause Jock to break out in a rash.
The hex backfired and Jock ended up tearing at his own flesh until he bled and was restrained and taken to hospital  while Brittany, uncaring of her minion’s distress, attempted to feel out the best way to get the extremely wealthy Amber to join her clique.
On Kafka’s way through the cafeteria to eat lunch with Lauren he attracted Adam’s attention, but managed to ignore his insults and sneers until he started creeping on Lauren and physically intruding on her personal space. The confrontation erupted into violence when Sabrina, speaking in tongues, cast a botched hex that led Adam to out himself and admit his attraction to Kafka.
After Kafka brutally put an end to the fight by dislocating Adam’s arm (drawing an odd moan from Adam and a slightly flushed look from Lauren), he was sent to the Vice Principal’s office. Brittany followed along, intrigued and seeing potential uses for Kafka, and managed to convince Miss Williams to let Kafka off lightly.
Sabrina followed the sound of sobbing into a bathroom and found Raven, Lauren’s best friend, jealous and distraught. She managed to calm her down somewhat and an impulsive kiss led to a sordid tryst after which Sabrina left with another sympathetic token in the form of Raven’s underwear. 
Lauren and Kafka’s trip to the library on their free period to talk more about Frankenstein involved rather more straddling and making out than literary analysis, and Brittany made some definite headway into winning Amber over by blackmailing Dr Hill, the perverted Head of Science, into tampering with her grades.

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