Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wild Seas Under Heaven Regions

The campaign is currently centered on a lowland area below the mountainous border of the Zhang Province. More information on the Nine Provinces of Tianxia is forthcoming.

The party are currently deep in the heart of Gǔlǎo Forest.

Gǔlǎo Forest
A thick and fog-cloaked conifer forest that grows at the foot of the Yĭnmì Peaks, enclosed in a slight hollow between the mountains. Talking beasts swollen to huge and terrible size roam through the damp undergrowth, and it is said that the trees there can hunt and even move.
Nírón Fens
A muddy stretch of wetland around Lake Bōdòng, fed by several rivers running from the south and thick with lampreys and leeches. It is fished cautiously by the townsfolk of Fáchuán, who fear the titanic salamander that lives in the heart of Lake Bōdòng and its children.
Jílǐng Ridge
A range of mountains where geothermal springs and lakes that are dangerously hot and alkaline abound. Goats and ibex roam the slopes and feast on the copious natural salts, and are preyed on by the various avian and air-borne predators that nest up in the heights.
Tuōpí Hills
A jagged stretch of hill-country divided from nearby mountains by the Shétou River, supposedly carved out by the dragon-god Yu the Great. The area is equally well-known for rampant banditry and for the presence of pangolin, useful creatures in traditional medicine.
Āoxiàn Plains
A stretch of dry grassland home to large herds of wild horses which are skittish and watchful to an extreme degree. Malevolent animal spirits walk in large numbers, leading to rumours that the roof of the Underworld comes close to the surface in the area.
Huāngdì Fells
A bare and dusty stretch of high country, poisoned by chemical run-off from the workshops and mines of the Zhang witch-alchemists higher up in the Yĭnmì Peaks. Vultures and toads are among the few animals that have survived here, along with a bare few pathetic humanoids.
Chóngshé Woods
A large stretch of virgin forest, unfelled since the days of the Dragon-Emperors. Tree-choked ruins litter the undergrowth and valuable herbs sought by the townsfolk of Tuánjié are abundant, but the native elephants and snakes mean that caution is required.  

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